Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Testing testing 1,2,3

Did your invite work? Click HERE for a new post on my new private blog!

Didn't receive an invite but would like one?

Email me or leave a comment!

(I had my whole list of invites ready to go and when I pushed "done" they all disappeared. Just my luck right? I tried to get everyone but it's late and I'm tired.)

Please forgive me if I forgot you and leave me a comment and I'll send you an invite!

Remember to leave this blog address in your Google reader and I'll do a post with a link to the private blog every time I have something new up!

Thanks for stopping by!


Cluff Family said...

so glad you did this because I would love an invite!!

Ronda said...

Hey Tiff...can you please add me. Thanks

Tasha said...

Hey Tiffany I would love an invite please!!! sillydancer3@hotmail.com

LuciLu said...

Hi Tiffany,
I would like an invite too. luci_vanpelt@hotmail.com
I am Stevens cousin in Utah if you are wondering.
Thank you,

Kim said...

Tiff! How's it going!?! You are an amazing wife to move across the country with your adorable twins and a busy boy! I would love an invite to your blog. Hope you guys are doing great!